Now The Work Begins: Post Sandy, Post Election..Beyond Climate Change


November 7th: Flights grounded and cancelled at NYC area airports, mandatory evacuations are in effect, generators are full of gas, flashlight batteries have been checked and water bottles filled. Oh, and by the way, President Obama was re-elected for a second term. More pressing however for those of us in the New York Metro area is the fact that a nor’easter is on it’s way, threatening those already beaten, battered and weary. People are still digging out from Hurricane Sandy, and many in my New Jersey town and all around our area STILL don’t have power.

It is is time to stop the partisanship, time to “de-politicize” climate change, time to roll up our sleeves and get to work for all Americans, including and especially those that can’t speak for themselves.

Photo courtesy: ClimateNexus

Climate change is real, it’s happening it’s now..We need to move beyond the rhetoric and begin in earnest, working together to create a more sustainable, livable future for us all. An election happened, it’s over, too much money was spent and wasted…It’s time to move forward-together-now..We are ALL on the same team…Team Planet Earth…


Climate Mama

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