Voting Today, Climate Change And New Jersey – Sandy Clean Up


November 6, 2012 Election Day: It is quiet in my house today. I just returned from voting. My son returned to school this morning. My daughter is at home reading quietly in her room; we are hoping she can go back to school tomorrow. My in-laws, who have been staying with us since October 29th, have gone to their hometown to vote. They will be back later today as their power remains out and the power company has told them to expect their power to be restored by November 9th. Our friends who “camped in our basement last night” are off in various directions, and we hope they will come back too – if their power remains out- it’s too cold to be in an unheated home. Today the thermometer read 30 degrees when I went outside this morning. Tomorrow’s forcast calls for heavy rain, maybe snow and high wind gusts. ‘Nuf said.

On the bright side the sun is shining, many, many homes are getting their power back and around the New York City metro area, life is beginning to come back “on.” While there were still long lines at the local gas stations, there is gas to be had. Our local grocery store was “fully stocked” and in fact, we all seem to be “putting on weight” (which for some of us is not good!) as our entire family, plus many, are eating meals together every day.

As we discussed last evening around our dinner table: “Why is it that it takes a “disaster” to get us to slow down and find time for dinner together?” Over the past week we have had dinner with many friends that we often only see on holidays and in large get togethers. The hectic pace of life that families seem to be living of late – track practice, after school activities, racing from one meeting to another – have cause our lives to become too “frenetic” and out of sync. Another “bright side” from the Sandy disaster – time spent with friends.

A few photos from “my neighborhood” to show you how life is moving on…

My friends car getting “repacked” in my driveway. The car has served as her family’s home on wheels, as they move daily from “place to place.” She remains positive and “hopeful” her power will come on so is taking everything with her this morning! We are all sending out “positive thoughts” her way too.

My polling station: Get your generator today..

This photo was taken outside my polling station this morning, which is my children’s old elementary school. Need a generator – someone has ‘strategically’ placed a sign near the stairs as you go in. There is still no power at this school, however it is up and “running” with the help of it’s own generators. Inside it was warm and there was a string of compact florescent lights hanging in the hallway, lighting a path for voters as they made their way to the gym to vote!

Shelter sign

The local shelter is still in full swing – notice the tree yet to be cleared in the background!

Downed tree on my street

The tree that was blocking my street is still there but has been “trimmed back” so you can get by easily.

Message to all our American Climate Mamas and Papas: Please vote today and before you vote, think about all the work ahead of us to address extreme weather and climate disruption. We have no time and should have NO patience for climate change denial from any of our political leaders. Climate change is real, it’s here and it’s now. We need to start tomorrow by demanding that the party AND the next President who represents our country takes climate change and it’s impacts very, very seriously. Our next President and all our political leaders, at every level of government need to make adapting to and mitigating the dangers we face from a world of extreme weather events – be they “super storms” in the east, floods and fires in the west or droughts in the south – THE number one priority.


Climate Mama

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