2024 – Here We Come!

To our Dear Climate Mamas and Papas,

2024 is the 15th Anniversary of ClimateMama.  Wow, that seems so incredible to us – both a blink of an eye and a long, long journey. Thank YOU for being a part of our community. Whether you are just finding us now or have been with us online or off –  at one of our events around the USA or around the world. Through dialogue and discussion – as an individual, a partner, an organization or a funder – we value your support, your involvement, your leadership and your interest. Wherever you are on your journey of discovery along the life long road of climate awakening, we are so grateful to be on these travels with you.


Looking back on 2023, as far as our blog is concerned, it was a very, very, very quiet year – we took a hiatus with the blog as our Executive Director worked supporting other organizations and projects including Dear Tomorrow, Our Kids Climate, Womens Earth and Climate Action Network, Climate and Resilience Education Task Force, Climate Mental Health Network, The Ecopsychepedia and more.

As we all know however, 2023  was decidedly NOT quiet –  it brought to the forefront horrible and destructive wars on multiple continents, unthinkable atrocities, racism,  antisemitism, hunger, smoke, fire, famine, water shortages, refugee crises and regional conflicts to name just a few of the immense challenges humanity faces.

2023 also showed us heart healing, exciting and truly hopeful opportunities. We witnessed people working together – across borders and oceans, pushing back against challenges –  joining hands and hearts; bringing relief, support, joy and happiness; listening and hearing one another. Together we faced challenging and at times overwhelming odds, always with our eyes and our hearts wide open.

In 2024, we want to welcome all of you to share your stories with us, so we can share them on our ClimateMama blog. Each month we will share posts from YOU, our community, about what is happening in your lives and your neighborhoods, what are you doing to push back and slow down our climate crisis and push forward and advance climate solutions? We also hope to provide a supportive and healing forum that is here for you – both online through our blog and through our social media (Facebook, Instagram, X (yes we are still there) and Threads – find us @climatemama.  Our plans are to intersperse your posts with curated posts from the past 15 years. So many of these past posts seem like they could have been written today. We will look forward to hearing what you think about this new format. We hope you will share these opportunities with others as well.

With love and thanks, YOUR ClimateMama team.

P.S. Potential blog posts should be sent to: info@climatemama.com  Please put blog post idea in the subject line. We do not accept commercial/sales posts. Potential posts should be from 400-750 words. All posts will be reviewed for accuracy and edited as needed. If your post is accepted for publication, we will notify you well in advance.

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