Climate Reality and Hurricane Sandy: Each of Us CAN Make a Difference


As our friends at ClimateNexus aptly capture in this photo of New Jersey Governor Christie and through his words; this is how many of us on the east coast feel these days! ENOUGH ALREADY.

Photo Credit: ClimateNexus

My front yard, After the Nor'easter

This next photo is one I took from my front door, as the sun rose on November 8th, 11 days after Hurricane Sandy and the morning after a strong nor’easter blew threw our area, making clean up from Hurricane Sandy more difficult and delaying getting the “lights on” for many thousands still without power; including by the way my in-laws who have been patiently riding out the storm at our home. There has been so much written about Sandy, including many articles on the HOPE that Sandy brought with her in the midst of her devastation. The “door” has been blown wide open on the climate change discussion. We need now, to firmly put two feet through this door and stand in it, not letting the door close. We owe it to our children and to their future.

On November 14th, The Climate Reality Project launches: 24 Hours of Reality, the Dirty Weather Report. This 24 hour live stream production is a timely look at the connections between “dirty energy,” our changing climate and the need to move forward and create a liveable future for ourselves and our children. ClimateMama is thrilled to partner with Climate Reality for this event and I will be part of the “production” on November 15th. Watch me on the 10am est hour as I sit down with Maggie Fox, the CEO of Climate Reality and Emily McKhann of the Motherhood, to talk about climate change, parents and what we all can do.

Video on 24 Hours of Reality Website:

Right now, grab the kids in your life and watch this video which Climate Reality has put together that shows us how EACH of us, CAN make a difference, even on seemingly complicated, global and intractable problems like Climate Change.

With something to think about,


Climate Mama

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