Advisory Team

We are honored that the following women have generously agreed to give of their time to be our “sounding boards,” as we at ClimateMama look to enhance, refine, and fine tune, our work. Each of these special women are our role models, and all of them are respected leaders in their fields. We admire and are in awe of their work and commitment to make our world a better place, for us all. 

Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, documentary filmmaker, writer and children’s health advocate. Toxic Baby. New York, USA

Rachel Dawn Davis, environmental activist, sustainability management and government relations professional.  New Jersey, USA

Mary Clare Hunt, Marketing and sales professional, sustainability consultant, author, blogger, and speaker.  In Women We Trust. California, USA

Victoria Loorz,  co-founder, of Kids Vs. Global Warming and the iMatter Campaign. California, USA

Jeunesse Park, South African environmentalist and founder of Food and Trees for Africa.  Johannesburg, South Africa