Top 3 Climate Change Books: For You and for Your Kids

shutterstock_11256511At Climate Mama, we are constantly looking for new ways to connect with our children on climate change. We want to not only help them understand the realities, but also to reinforce for them that we are “on the job” and working to figure it out; both personally and through our support of businesses and of community and government leaders who daily work on solutions, polices and answers that will help us as we all live with and through climate change.

WE know climate change is scary, it’s scares us. But we can’t shy away from the truth. We also know that we are living at a unique turning point for human history, and we can and must choose paths that lead us to a livable future.

Below are some of our favorite new books on climate change from a few of our dear friends and favorite Climate Mamas. One book is for you, and the other two for your kids. Each opens up the opportunity to discuss climate change in a safe, concrete and positive way.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 1.39.45 PMA Book For you:
Unfreeze Yourself, by Christine Penner Pole
With her wise counsel and supportive, practical and simple plans of action, Christine helps us “unfreeze,” reactivating our unconditional love. Christine reminds us why we can’t fail, and with her guidance, we won’t. Christine tells us that she wrote this book with Climate Mamas and Papas in mind – busy but concerned people. Christine lays out clear and practical steps that move us from climate change avoidance and paralysis to hopeful action. She provides strategies and steps we can all take and inspires us with stories of others who have “unfrozen themselves” and been moved to action. You can reach Christine here, learn more about Unfreeze Yourself here, and buy the book here.

whenthewindblowsA Book for your preschooler:
When the Wind Blows, by Stacy Clark
Stacy’s rhyming book about renewable energy is hopeful, engaging and beautifully illustrated by Brad Sneed. The book jumps directly into solutions in a simple and straightforward way, tugging at our hearts and reaching out clearly and purposefully to our preschool audience. This is a book we can read to our children and one that they in turn will read to us. When the Wind Blows is fun to read and full of energy! It takes us on a journey with our children, allowing us together to see and feel sights and sounds of the wind, it’s power, our future and it’s endless possibilities. The book opens up many opportunities for discussion, for learning and for joy. Even with our youngest children, we can and must show them the real and clear paths to an exciting and hopeful tomorrow. You can reach Stacy here, learn more about When the Wind Blow here, and buy the book here.

mouse mission
A Book for your tweens:
Mouse Mission by Prudence Breitrose
Mouse Mission is the third in a series of books for our ‘tweens that has as the underlying story thread, the threat of climate change. The books follow a community of talking mice who are helping their humans to save our future and our planet. This latest edition to the series takes us to England and a rainforest on a distant island, where an evil timber company is cutting down the forest. Will the mice be able to save it? Prudence takes real world problems and weaves them into a tale of travel, adventure, friendship and love. Our human and mice heroes and heroines work together to warn the world about the threat of climate change and give our children hope that together we can create a better future and today. We love the series and have read all three books, beginning with Mousenet, then Mousemobile and now Mouse Mission. Each book opens up new stories and new adventures with our beloved characters that we meet again and again, that we get to know and whom we love. The books open up a unique and safe way to talk about climate change, it’s impacts and opportunities for action that kids and their families can take together. You can reach Prudence here, learn more about Mouse Mission here, and buy copies of all three books here.

It’s “Do Something Wednesday” at ClimateMama. Join us today and learn something from these wonderful authors. They all remind us to have hope and inspire us to move forward together to tackle climate change and create a livable future for our children and for us.


Climate Mama

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