100,000 signatures, Almost! Letter to Pepsico CEO, Palm Oil & Climate Change

Wow, 100,000 is a lot of signatures, so too is 99,567 which is the number of people so far who have signed on to the letter that I and two extraordinary Climate Mamas, Debra and Susan, wrote to Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo and which our friends at The Rainforest Action Network and The Sum of Us have helped us share.

The Open Letter challenged PepsiCo to improve its inadequate palm oil policy before the historic People’s Climate March which was held on September 21, 2014. Unfortunately PEPSICO didn’t respond before the March, nor have they since. As we all now know, more then 700,000 people from around 15125036547_9d5481884a_zthe world – 400,000 of them in New York City – (including Debra, Susan and I) marched to demand climate solutions, and called on powerful leaders, including business leaders, to address climate change, and work toward solutions. While Ms. Nooyi, and PepsiCo haven’t yet answer our call on their palm oil program which lacks time bound commitments and a traceable supply chain, we aren’t giving up and we still hope that they will step up and lead on this critical issue.

As our Climate Mamas and Papas know, palm oil production is a HUGE cause of greenhouse gas pollution which is the number one driver of climate change. In fact, Palm oil production in countries like Indonesia, where PepsiCo gets much of it’s palm oil, has driven up greenhouse gas emissions exponentially. Because of palm oil production, Indonesia is the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, right behind China and the USA.

We want to keep the pressure on and convince PepsiCo to do the right thing, so we are asking you to help us put the number of signatures on our open letter over the top (the top of 100,000 that is!!)

So please sign it now and share it with your friends!


Climate Mama

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4 Responses to 100,000 signatures, Almost! Letter to Pepsico CEO, Palm Oil & Climate Change

  1. stacy clark says:

    Please replace palm oil with another, healthier and less environmentally damaging ingredient and protect the green, fertile tropics that hold carbon in the ground and where we will discover important medical and scientific breakthroughs.

    Thank you!
    Stacy Clark

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