Peoples Climate March: The Day, The Next Day, and The Day After That!

pcmcollage2So many emotions, depth of feeling, resolve and hope: The Peoples Climate March, 9/21 was a day of celebration that echoed around the world. Regular people from all walks and corners of life, coming together to say, “enough.” Enough talk, we want and must have climate action as our future and now depends on it.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so here are a few of our favorites, you can find thousands of pictures, videos and stories from friends new and old, major media networks, blogs and social media sources of all sizes and shapes from across the country and the planet.

crcmNow, after the euphoria and the celebrations, the work continues. The struggles to make sure that “the truth is told, that actions do speak louder then words, and that we remain unafraid in light of the daunting crisis that we face” continue today, tomorrow and the day after that…

Our opportunity is here, and if feels and seems strongly like we will and are seizing it.

With much gratitude, hope and resolve,


Climate Mama

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6 Responses to Peoples Climate March: The Day, The Next Day, and The Day After That!

  1. Mary says:

    Thank goodness for bloggers who report on newsworthy items such as 300,000+ people marching on behalf of cleaning up the climate. If only our PAID MEDIA organizations covered the story as well. Shame on them!

    Let’s hope that our politicians took note even if it didn’t show up on their nightly news.

    • Harriet says:

      Thanks Mary! It seems it is getting more and more coverage and we will not be ignored..the momentum has shifted..Thank you for reporting on it and for all you do to make sure our need for strong and concrete climate action is acknowledged and acted on!

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