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Photo Credit: Peoples Climate March

Photo Credit: Peoples Climate March

For many of us who took part in the Peoples Climate March, either in person or by cheering on friends and family who could be in New York on our behalf, the euphoria may have passed, but the urgency to do “something more” remains.

And this is a good thing.

We know that not every day can be so “huge, emotional and powerful.” But at the same time we know that everyday must include something; visible, concrete steps, and actions that move us forward in this fight to protect our future and now. We need some really heavy lifting from our world leaders and local leaders. We need to remind our elected officials if they want us to vote for them, they must have climate solutions as part of their plans.

logoSo while we push and demand these big steps and heavy lifting, we can also take smaller steps in our own homes that added with other small steps can add up to big, big moves. While changing a light bulb won’t change the world, if every household replaced just one light bulb with one that has earned the ENERGY STAR certification, we would save enough energy to light three million homes for a whole year, and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to that of 800,000 vehicles.

In order for energy efficient technologies to truly take hold, people will need to trust products that are reliable and high quality, which is why distinguishing ENERGY STAR certified LEDs from the rest of the market is so important.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.25.18 PMOur friends at Energy Star have launched some funny videos, that remind us to stay away from “dim bulbs” and offer some great suggestions on why we should be switching to LED bulbs. Share these videos with the kids in your life; they will smile, and learn a think or tow at the same time!

Many thanks to our good friend Diane, at Big Green Purse, for always reminding us about great, practical ways we can all make a difference…


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