Peoples Climate March: Logistics for 9/21

10712976_1480597352191243_8802143898163990624_nThe path ahead is “messy,” with no single solution or one clear answer to the climate crisis that is confronting us. The path is also big and beautiful, with so many opportunities, twists and turns, that we each can find our own ways forward. Our paths do and will converge at various points along this journey, so that we can travel on the same path, at some points along the way, together.

One of these points where we will all be traveling together, is the Peoples Climate March. This is a day and a call for action on climate solutions, that is unfolding on Sunday, September 21st 2014 in cities and towns around the world. People will march, sing and celebrate the endless possibilities, as well as demand that our leaders, LEAD on climate solutions. Not everyone will march, but everyone can help amplify the voices and footsteps of our marchers around the world. Check in here, for march information happening around the world.

PrintIf are in New York City on September 21st, we would love for you to join our Climate Mama and Papa families. We well be “lining up” between 9-11:30am ET – try to arrive as early as you can – on 66th and Central Park West, closest to the “park” side of the street. The march doesn’t begin until 11:30am so bring some food, water, wear comfortable shoes…bring things to make signs, chalk to draw on the streets, your voices to learn new songs, or just come and hang out with us and meet some new friends. We are marching in the “WE CAN BUILD THE FUTURE” bloc, with other kids – young and old – and families of all shapes and sizes!

pcm-route-mapHere’s a map of the March route.

A few other key points:

Moment of Silence to Moment of Alarm @12:58pm

The march is being led by frontline communities and indigenous groups from around the continent and the world, who are many of the first victims of climate change, and at 12:58, we’re having a moment of silence to honor those on the front lines. When you see people start linking hands above their heads, that’s the sign the moment of silence is beginning.

Also, please text ALARM to the number 97779. By doing this, you will receive a reminder about the moment of silence.

At 1:00pm we are going to end that moment of silence with a great, big noise—sounding the climate alarm that has gone ignored for too long. You’ll know it’s time to ring that alarm and make as much noise as you can when you hear 32 marching bands blowing their horns and church bells ring from around the city (so bring your own noisemakers).

End of March: Peoples Block Party

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 5.02.50 PMThe end of the march will be a Peoples Climate block party! This is a chance for everyone to walk, visit with and cross paths with folks you might not normally meet, or with long, lost friends. You are welcome to join the block party even if you can’t make it to the march itself!

Please share your photos with us @climatemama or on our Facebook Page, so we can share them too..

Look forward to “seeing” you at the March, wherever you will be marching..


Climate Mama

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