Greenpeace on Lego, Climate Change and Arctic Drilling by Shell..

Greenpeace hit the streets recently, to show off LEGO’s latest collaboration with Shell.

Like many of our Climate Mamas and Papas, we love LEGO. But we don’t love their partnership with Shell. The last few weeks, over a half a million people have called on LEGO to end this partnership. Shell’s trying to drill in one of the last pristine places on Earth – the Arctic. Not only does this potentially irreparably damage the Arctic, it also continues our dependency on fossil fuels, thereby accelerating climate change.

Greenpeace decided to have a little fun and make a LEGO set that would show the Arctic if Shell had it’s way and was allowed to drill there.

It’s “do something Wednesday” at ClimateMama, so…

Watch, share and now sign the petition to end this partnership and tell Lego to show our children that Lego cares about our future and our now!

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4 Responses to Greenpeace on Lego, Climate Change and Arctic Drilling by Shell..

  1. Nick Tedesco says:

    I’m optimistic that LEGO and other major corporations will start to invest more in renewable energy sources. RE sources like solar power will soon be too cheap to ignore.

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