Happy Halloween: Oldies AND Goodies, ClimateMama Style!


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BOO..and Happy Halloween!! We thought we would bring back EIGHT of our halloween posts, some of our “oldies (and not so oldies) but goodies,” in case you missed them the first time around. Enjoy, and do let us know how and if, your family climate education, empowerment work, or activism has inspired you to do anything differently in your halloween celebrations this year.

In my house, my kids are happy to get to celebrate Halloween this year, as for the past two years, Halloween has been “cancelled” due to extreme weather events πŸ™


Climate Mama

P.S. This year at ClimateMama we are giving out UnREAL candy and candy from Endangered Species Chocolates. Our friends at Rainforest Action have also helped us understand why we need to “think twice” about the companies we support, particularly in regard to chocolate and the use of “conflict palm oil”…and how this impacts climate change and our world. Find out more here!

1. Halloween Candy, Climate Change and Orangutans, October 2013

2. Halloween, Climate Change, the IPCC report and Scary Stories September 2013

3. Zombie Apocalypse or Climate Change, December 2012

4. Halloween, The Unicef Tradition, Moms Helping Moms and Climate Change, October 2012

5. Frankenstorm, Climate Change and Another Year with out Halloween, October 2012

6. Mother Nature turns into Medusa, Slams East Coast: Happy Halloween – Yes We Are SCARED Now!, October 2011

7. Boo! Halloween, Consumption and Climate Change – Scary! October 2011

8. Potato Peelings, healthy living, Starbucks Coffee and Vampire Slayers, October 22, 2010

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