Mr. Eco: Hybrid Hip-Hop, Climate Change and Empowering Kids

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As you begin to think about holidays and gifts (gasp!), here is an easy one for all our Climate Mamas and Papas to support and get behind. Check out “Hybrid Hip-Hop” a fun and educational album, that empowers kids to feel like superheroes who really can make a difference and help us all heal our world. I had the privilege of meeting Brett Edwards, aka Mr. Eco at a Climate Reality Training we conducted in Chicago, in August 2013. Brett was kind, forthright and committed, and excited to share his work with me. So, grab the kids in your life, and take a few minutes and share Brett’s post with them about why he has devoted his life to his passion, saving animals and ecosystems, and helping empower young children to do the same!

Mr. Eco, In His Own Words
By Brett Edwards

Used with permission

Forty-five minutes past Franklin Elementary School’s dismissal bell, I reluctantly excused myself from the crowd of environmentally enthused third through six graders. I saw the disappointed face of one young girl who wanted a copy of the album “Hybrid Hip-Hop.” I handed her an envelope with my return address and instructions printed on it explaining that if her parents mailed a check for $12.99 I would send her a personal copy of the recently released album. She asked if cash would work and I asked how she would get the money. She said her dad gives her an allowance every week and she would save up to purchase the album.

While taking my sound system and props back to my Prius, I was taken aback that this eight-year-old girl was going to spend her allowance money on my environmental hip-hop album. I was touched to say the least and thought of the impact Mr. Eco can have on youth. This Santa Barbara school was only one of the 56 elementary schools I have performed assemblies at over the past two years, reaching 28,000 plus children. This girl reinforced the connection with the children is real. Performing the songs and producing the music videos are fun but at the end of the day the most satisfying part of my job is watching these kids become #EcoHeroes, passionate about saving the animals and ecosystems they love around the world.


Used with permission

Mr. Eco believes that monumental changes begin with the youngest members of society. He has combined his passions for sustainability, wildlife conservation and hip-hop to create an environmental rap superhero that uses music to empower children to become activists called #EcoHeroes. Mr. Eco uses his blend of “edutainment” to teach our youth that their local actions impact ecosystems and wildlife globally.

Mr. Eco’s debut original album “Hybrid Hip-Hop” was released in Whole Foods stores nationwide September 2013, as well as online at $1 of proceeds from every album sold is donated to Salad Bar Nation – a fundraising campaign from the Whole Kids Foundation to put salad bars in schools. You can view the music video here.

Hybrid Hip-Hop features songs about personal behavioral change and highlights programs Mr. Eco believes will help youth become #EcoHeroes. The idea of wildlife conservation is strung throughout the entire album, and as Mr. Eco says in ‘Wildlife Warriors’ … “live sustainably at home and you’ll save animals where they roam!”

Mr. Eco ends each school assembly by having the children take the following EcoHero pledge: “The ecosystems and animals I love will not be saved unless heroes emerge. I am that hero. The world is in my hands. From this day forward, I am an EcoHero!

Empower your kid or any younglings you know to become an EcoHero by sharing Mr. Eco’s album and music videos with the world! Here is a link to purchase the album on iTunes?

Mr. Eco


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