Apocalypse New Jersey: Climate Change, Extreme Weather & Building Resiliency


As we continue to remember and remind ourselves, where we were and what was happening, one year ago when Superstorm Sandy struck the east coast of the United States, below you will find photos, taken within one mile of my home. Our streets are cleaned up, and there are few visible memories in my neighborhood anymore. But, one year after Hurricane Sandy, what have we learned? Are we better prepared, as families, to deal with the next extreme weather disaster? We know there will be a next one, we just don’t know when. My family hasn’t reviewed our disaster plan in months. Writing this post has reminded me, that we are long over due for a family meeting to update our family disaster plan. Save the Children will be a resource for us as we move forward.

Save the Children has been hard at work on their Get Ready Get Set program, to help us and our children prepare for disaster, when and where it next strikes. Do you have a family plan? If not, what are you waiting for. Here is a quick “check list” to help get you started. It’s Do something Wednesday at ClimateMama, so grab the kids in your life today, and make sure you are ready, before the next storm hits!

New Jersey War Zone: Hurricane Sandy Aftermath
October 30, 2012

Pictures speak louder then words. So I will let these pictures speak for themselves. All these pictures were taken within 1 mile of my home. We finally were able to get our car out on the road for a short “survey” of the local damage, where power is out in 98% of the town due primarily to downed power lines. I live in a small suburban town in Bergen County, New Jersey; 24 miles and a world away from Manhattan, where they are “taking in” their own war zone damage.

Hurricane Sandy: My Neigborhood 1

Hurricane Sandy: My Neighborhood 2


Hurricane Sandy: My Neigborhood 3

Hurricane Sandy: My Neigborhood 4

Hurricane Sandy: My Neigborhood 5

Hurricane Sandy: My Neigborhood 6

Hurricane Sandy: My Neighborhood 7

Hurricane Sandy: My Neighborhood 8

Hurricane Sandy: My Neighborhood 9

Hurricane Sandy: My Neigborhood 10

It’s time to “connect the dots” and recognize that WE have created the conditions for these types of storms to occur and to become more frequent. Time to say the words: Climate Change, and recognize we need to adapt and mitigate the dangers as best as we can. My family and I were lucky this time..many others were not….


Climate Mama

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2 Responses to Apocalypse New Jersey: Climate Change, Extreme Weather & Building Resiliency

  1. CelloMom says:

    On the anniversary of Sandy (of all times) the Heartland Institute launched a campaign to convince US teachers (and thereby their students) that global warming is a hoax.

    “Many US teachers have been sent a memo by The Heartland Institute, an organisation whose mission is to “promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems”. The topic of the memo was a report on climate change by the NIPCC, an acronym for “Not the International Panel on Climate Change”.”

    This is from a piece by Graham Wayne, that also offers clear and concise rebuttals to the misinformation in the memo: http://gpwayne.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/heartlands-nipcc-report-in-us-schools-notes-for-educators/

    I have shared this piece with the principals at my children’s schools, and I hope many more parents will do the same.

    • Harriet says:

      Thank you. EXCELLENT advice and reasons for renewed and constant vigil to present the facts. I hadn’t seen Graham Wayne’s piece. Thank you. I know that http://ncse.com would be interested to hear from any schools that have received the Heartland information.

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