Top 3 Ways to Save the World

So, can it be as simple as do three things? Clearly, if healing the world was simple, our planet would certainly be a much healthier place already. But there are things each of us can do, and together we can give our planet a fighting chance to heal.

Our friends at the League of Women Voters (LWV) of New York have laid out a thoughtful, simple and straightforward strategy – Be Earthwise. By following this program, each of us can show our influence and strength, and together we can make our world and us, both safer and healthier.

Be Earthwise shows us how, through our consumer choices, we can directly VOTE with our consumer dollars and take actions to benefit Mother Earth — and ourselves – with respect to the following three topics:

Be meat free
Be chemical free

We asked Elisabeth – Beth – Radow, the creator behind the LWV Be Earthwise program, and the chair of the NY LWV Energy, Agriculture and Environment Committee, to share with us her thoughts about the program:

“People make democracy work. I’ve experienced the success of citizen participation firsthand: In New York, as a result of consistent, constructive citizen participation in the democratic process, Governor Cuomo banned high volume hydraulic fracturing based on the science and potential health effects.

The League of Women Voters is the original nonpartisan grassroots organization devoted to giving voters an educated, effective voice. We vote every day, not just on Election Day. Be Earthwise boils down environmental realities as they relate to us individually.

Be Earthwise connects how we vote with our consumer choices, daily lifestyle choices and effective, consistent communication to policymakers as the transformative keys needed to mitigate climate change, preserve our natural resources and improve our personal health in the process. One person at a time, together we can do this.”

Well said and thank you Beth!

Take some time today and read through the Be Earthwise program. It contains great resources, ideas and opportunities that each of us can put into action, immediately.

Talk to your kids about the program, and together SIGN THE BE EARTHWISE PLEDGE and put it into practice this Earth month, Earth Day and every day!


Climate Mama

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