Earth Day 2017, New York City and Beyond

Earth Week, Earth Month, Earth Day…Earth Day is EVERY day. As Climate Mamas and Papas, we know that for you and your family, Earth Day truly is every day. From all of us at ClimateMama, we want to say a special thank you…!

The month of April also is traditionally the time of year when many, many people, companies and organizations look to celebrate our planet – through a wide range of activities, events, programs, art and music.

This year in particular, Earth Day takes on a special and emergent tone. Our planet is reeling; crying out to us that she is sick and needs time and help to heal. At the same time the new Trump administration – which has been populating it seats of power with climate change deniers (EPA – Pruitt, Interior- Zinke, Energy – Perry) – is also raising doubt not only about the reality of climate change, but also about the urgency with which we must all act to protect and heal our planet. We must look to new ways to engaging people who aren’t knowledgeable about climate change; to educate them on the facts, and to explain our options for action. We must use our votes, our voices and our actions to let our elected officials as well as the companies we support, know that we are watching them and expect them to act on climate change. Do let us know if we can help you in your outreach.

Please share with us – via e-mail (info at climatemama dot com), or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages – Earth day events that you are attending in your community so we can share them with others too.

We hope to see you soon, in Washington, DC for the People Climate Movement, Climate March on April 29th. It is critical that as many of us as possible come to DC, in record numbers, to express our concerns, to raise our voices and to demand that Congress and the President see that Climate action is critical. We won’t stay quiet as our children’s future and now is being threatened.

We will be “circling” the White House and making our voices heard. Bike, ride, walk, take the train – join us if you possibly can. We realize of course that if you live far from DC, being present personally may not be possible. Here is a link where you can find “Sister Marches” in your area. We will be posting our “Guide to the DC People’s Climate March” this Friday, so do check back then for more info.

New York and New Jersey Earth Week Events:
(Clearly there are hundreds, if not thousands of events taking place in New York City and across New Jersey this week. We are highlighting a few of those, large and small, below.)

1. April 21st: Earth2Trump, Cooper Union, 6:25pm
2. April 22nd: March for Science, New York City, March with ClimateMama, 69th & CPW, 10:30am.
New Jersey March for Science, Trenton, NJ
3. April 22nd: Tobacco Ceremony – Potluck for Earth, Splt Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp, Mahwah, NJ
4. April 24-26: EcoCinema Cafe, John Jay College, New York City
5. April 26: Indigenous Women Protecting Earth, Rights and Community, 1-4pm, UN Church Center
6. April 29th: Peoples Climate Movement – Climate Marches

Wherever you are in the world, be intentional as you celebrate our Mother Earth this month. Take time to walk in the woods, to hike in your favorite park, or to stroll on a special beach. On your next walk to school, to work, or even just to the bus, train or car – stop and take a moment to ponder how wonderful and amazing our natural world is. We are all in such a hurry these days that we forget sometimes how amazing nature is. Remember Rachel Carson’s words: “If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it…” Let’s BE that adult for our daughters and our sons.


Climate Mama

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