Climate Change, Energy Bills and Halloween

Just in time for Halloween our partners at Communitopia and Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something led by one of our favorite Climate Mamas, Joylette Portlock, have created an engaging, humorous and fun new video, “Energy Bill Movie.”

None of us want “Energy Bill” haunting our homes this year, so find out what you can do to lower energy costs this winter without huge costs to you. Grab the kids in your life and watch this short video with them, its fun and we promise you that everyone will learn something.


Climate Mama

P.S. as with all Don’t Just Sit There Do Something video’s, there is an easy and immediate action you can take, today, to make a difference.

Step 1 – Copy the sample text below to support the proposed Clean Energy Incentive Program, or write your own
Step 2 – Submit comment at (goes to form

Sample text:
Low-income communities have historically had little access to clean energy and the jobs associated with it. I support the CEIP, which will help bring new opportunities to economically disadvantaged communities across the U.S., while helping our country reduce climate pollution. The CEIP will help ensure equity for all as we make the transition to a safer, cleaner sources of energy.

Earlier this year, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released proposed details of the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP), a voluntary component of EPA’s historic Clean Power Plan. It will provide significant benefits by incentivizing investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy in low-income communities and encouraging states to take immediate action to reduce carbon pollution from the power sector.

You can learn more here (In addition to the above instructions, you can also email comments about the CEIP to with “Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2016-0033” as the subject line)

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