Pipelines and Climate Change Connecting the Dots: Spectra AIM and Marrakech

aimcollageOn October 26th, 15 mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters were arrested in New York City on 49th street and 3rd avenue in a non-violent act of civil disobedience – blocking a doorway to a building where the office of New York Senator Chuck Schumer is located. Hundreds of others rallied on the street within yards of these brave souls cheering them on and thanking them, joining together in song and chants, calling out for help from any and all corners including New York Senator Gillibrand and Schumer, President Obama, and Governor Cuomo. We have been fighting for more then two years to stop this particular gas pipeline –the Spectra AIM pipeline – that is now under the Hudson river, within 105 feet of critical infrastructure of the Indian Point Nuclear power plant.

Over several years, many people have been arrested in this one particular fight. These arrests in New York state are not uncommon stories or events; across the United States people in almost every state are standing up, speaking out and demanding action, many by risking arrest – every single day! In fact, one of the most well known fights today is the Dakota Access Pipeline fight in North Dakota. This is an indigenous peoples led campaign to protect our water, our future and our lives. Learn more about the #NODAPL fight here. Across our country, family land is being taken away by eminent domain to make way for pipelines and fossil fuel infrastructure; families, farms and water supplies are being put at risk; and our planet is being sacrificed for fossil fuel company profits – with no benefits to us, our families, our children, our future, and our now. We are being forced to stay addicted to forms of energy that we know are making our planet sick, and along the way putting our very existence as a species at risk.

It remains unclear if this Spectra AIM pipeline can and will be stopped – but so many people are doing so much to try. We will continue to do everything we can to stop it and invite you to help us.

Climate Mama extraordinaire, Natalie Cronin, eloquently helps tie this pipeline fight to the many infrastructure battles and climate change fights happening around our country and around our world. Take 30 seconds and watch this short video.

What remains clear is that many, many people have been moved to action, we have learned what’s at stake, and we will continue to raise our voices and put our bodies on the line protecting our air, our water our future and our now. Our voices can and must be heard. There are many things each of us can do to demand action and solutions. And the good thing is, there isn’t one solution, there are as many solutions as there are people on the earth. But, we also must remind our leaders that we each have differentiated responsibilities. Just as the United States can do more on climate solutions then the Maldive Islands, so to can our elected officials accomplish more on certain events and projects then we can. But, we must never doubt that each of us has a role to play and can create change.

What can you do today?

1. To Stop the Spectra AIM pipeline call:
Governor Cuomo 866-946-1451
Senator Schumer 212-486-4430
Senator Gillibrand 212-688-6262
Let them know you are concerned. Demand more time to review the potential threats that this pipeline brings. Learn more at the SAPE website. You don’t need to be from New York to call.

2. Sign on to a letter to regional elected officials demanding they help stop the pipeline.

WomenActForClimateJusticeMeme1As Natalie reminded us, we need to “connect the dots” between local actions and national and international actions as well. World leaders are meeting in Morocco beginning November 7th to talk about operationalizing their commitments to address climate change.

Reach out to our world leaders in Morocco, let us help you make sure your voice is heard:
Join us and our partners at WECAN, upload a photo or video and share your solutions with the world.

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