Living Climate Change: Creative Self Love

shutterstock_11256511This is a different kind of post from our usual, but one that I am glad to share with you. We get to meet many wonderful people in our ClimateMama travels; many of whom seem like old friends from the first time we meet. My colleague and Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood partner, Stacy is one of these people. The Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood regularly reminds me to open my consciousness in new and unimagined ways.. Quite an introduction right? Read on…

Cheryl S. Bridges new book, Me Myself and I – 28 Days of Creative Self Love, has been one of my new projects this past month. As we at ClimateMama talk with our Climate Mamas and Papas all over the world, trying to make some sense of the senseless tragedies unfolding, and as we work to stay positive and focused on the Paris United Nations Global Climate talks, Cheryl’s advice and reminders of ways to nurture and take care of ourselves, have been very welcomed and relevant.

Like so many of our Climate Mamas and Papas, I rarely if ever take a day, let alone 28 days to examine and look deeply at me! So it has been an important surprise to see how and why this self love is critical for us all in our work to create hope as we live with and through climate change. I want to share a few of the many important self reflections that resonated with me, particularly at a time when we are forced to confront so many existential, perceived and very real threats to us all.

Climate heartachScientists tell us we have entered the age of the anthropcene, the age of “man” where humankind dominates the earth and all that is changing in it. From my vantage as a Climate Mama, it is so easy to get lost in this sadness and reality, never mind the new terrors and prejudices that are raising their ugly heads. When you know what’s ahead and really see it, reality can overwhelm your life, in good and bad ways. Cheryl explains in Chapter 5, “A Formula for Forgiveness” that we must care and nurture ourselves, so that we can and will be able to nurture others. I was reminded that it is okay to say “no” to some wonderful projects that come my way, if and when I really don’t have the strength nor time to take them on. The chapter also helped me see that in caring for myself, I need to let go of guilt, of the feeling of being stuck and of being trapped in the whirlwind that often surrounds me. I have the ability and strength to break free.

Cheryl tells us that: “Monkey-mind worrying can be rather relentless and will drain energy better spent on creative solutions and thoughts of self-love.” I also love these shared sentiments: “We change. Others change. There’s no avoiding the shifting sands of life! It is your willingness to grieve and, eventually, let go of what has died that can bring you new awareness of the strength of your voice and the truth of your authentic self.” I believe that each of us has our own role to play as we live with and through the realities of our changing climate. I have come to see that, while we face a shared burden, we are also presented with shared opportunities. Together we can and must build hope and also a livable future, but this rests not on the shoulders of a few, but in the hands of many.

You can learn more about this inspiring book here.


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Please note: I received a free digital copy of Chery’s Book, Me, Myself, & I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self-Love. The views and thoughts expressed in this very personal post are mine.

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