Thanksgiving, Leftovers and Ways to Waste NOT!

With the holidays upon us, get togethers with good friends, shared family meals and office and colleague parties will be filling up our calendars and lighting up many of our days and evenings.

We all know it’s easy to go overboard at the holidays, not only with what we eat, but also with what we don’t – and therefore with what regularly get’s thrown away. New York Climate Mama extraordinaire, Beth Radow, shares some easy and important ideas to help us ensure that our holidays and times spent together aren’t “wasted.” One of the many hats that Beth wears is that of Endorser of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Challenge, a program that is helping people work towards the national goal of reducing food waste by 50% in the next 15 years.

Grab the kids in your life and watch this short video together; learn a few things from Beth about “food waste” and how to prevent it.

A few take aways from Beth’s video that you can share at your holiday table and parties:

1. 40% of food we produce in the US never get’s eaten.
2. Each one of us throws out 1/2 lb of food, or more, each and every day.
3. The average American family “throws out” $2,225 a year – by “wasting” food.

Follow up by sharing these easy to introduce ideas that can help counter waste, create a more sustainable climate, and help your neighbors and community at the same time.

1. Buy only the food you need.
2. Eat leftovers and what’s in your fridge and freezer before buying new food.
3. Make everyday Thanksgiving by donating to your local food pantry.

Watch and share Beth’s wonderful video which has more tips, suggestions and solutions. What are some of your ideas? Ask your kids for their ideas too and do share them with us.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Climate Mama

Elisabeth—Beth–Radow, Esq. practices law in the areas of real estate, finance and conservation efforts toward environmental, economic and social sustainability. Beth is a Professor of Sustainability Action at Manhattanville College in New York, chairs the Committee on Energy, Agriculture and the Environment for the League of Women Voters of NYS and is a member of the Town of Mamaroneck’s professional volunteer Sustainability Collaborative.

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