Green Divas Radio – Talking Peoples Climate March

As the last real weekend of summer is upon us, enjoy the time outdoors if you can with the kids in your life. Play…BE…Enjoy..

And to keep the “fires burning” on the Peoples Climate March recruitment, join me and my dear friends Green Diva Meg and Green Diva we talk Climate March on Green Divas Radio, with a sprinkling of ideas for Lynn and Meg’s upcoming trip to the Big Island of Hawaii thrown in just for fun; and an added “hint” from Green Diva Lynn that she may “streak her way” through the Chicago Climate March on September 6th..We want pictures (of both!!)

Happy weekend to all…Enjoy! And don’t forget to remind your friends and family to sign up of for the Peoples Climate March! At the same time, introduce them to Green Divas Radio..there are always fun and interesting guests, if we do say so ourselves, and wonderful ideas on how to live more “lightly” on our planet, in creative and unique ways you may never have imagined…


Climate Mama

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