Peoples Climate March: Join Me – Wendie’s Call

pcmlogoA moment in time, a life memory created, a call to witness. The Peoples Climate March on September 21st will be this and so much more. We are honored to share Wendie’s beautiful invitation to the Peoples Climate March – her heartfelt and stirring call to action. It touched us deeply, and we think it will touch you too. Mother, poet, and friend, Wendie Goetz is truly a Climate Mama extraordinaire!

Wendie’s Call: The People Climate March – Join Me

I thought to reach out and ask you personally to call me, yes YOU, New Jersey and the world.

I’d ask you to recall the worry, the perplexing anxiety of where our worlds stand, and the innovative solutions you expressed inwardly and in sharing.

IMG_2340I would share with you my enlightening experience in Washington at THE CLIMATE MARCH in 2013. And pour forth the emotions shared by frontline activists…all their warrior names….and HUGE stands, rallies, protests, bird dogging, town halls, movies, words, festivals, trips back to DC and Trenton, and all the learning – no, relearning – that has occurred this decade around the world. IT IS A WILD TIDE RISING truly.

I would explain how there was not a choice for me yet a calling. Stand or die…inside and out.

I think it is an honor yet a burden in some aspects because this weight is heavy like crocodile tears on the cheek of your child. I have watched many folks step up and excel for no purpose but to build a better world and seek justice for the future. This is freedom, I feel so thankful…. I AM FREE. We respond to the need for a better future, a reliable, non-polluting, sustainable future. We are free.

I heard in the tremble of your voice, I read in between the lines of your words, that YOU are concerned too. I know that you, incredible you, would be an asset to the solutions we need to implement NOW.

ALL of the world leaders are meeting for a special session on the climate in September. We would like to welcome them to NYC and send our messages personally to them.

Together we CAN make a difference. Will you please march with me?

Wendi Goetz: wife, mother, poet, and community member. “Gardening for a better future seven generations forward in any and every way I can think will make a drop of a difference.”

Thanks are making a difference each and every day..

Join Wendie on September 21st, 2014 in New York City, or find a solidarity event close to where you live. Sign up today, and be counted!

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