The Climate it is a Changing! WeatherGirl Goes Rouge Part 2


Grab the kids in your life and tune in to the 2nd Episode of Weather Girl Goes Rouge, as Pipa, our favorite Weather Girl, reminds us again about the realities that we are up against with climate change. Our friends at Deep Rouge Ram have created a funny, yet true to the facts look at the crisis we are in but continue to ignore. We see and hear how drought impacts effect food prices which can also lead to civil strife and unrest.

Pipa reminds us, in a not to subtle way (before her “mike” is turned off) that climate change is something our presidential candidates should be talking about; and that they, and we should be figuring out strong policies to tackle climate change. Instead, we continue to put ‘bandages’ on a life and death situation. Through humor, maybe we can see the truth and start trying to address it, before it is too late. Thanks Pipa and Deep Rouge Ram!

We are looking forward to Episode 3! Talk to your kids, ask them what they think…


Climate Mama

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