Bill Mckibben: Climate Change Call to Action


It has been an exciting week of “ups and downs” for us at ClimateMama. Rallying, promoting and educating on the dangers of fracking; attending the Social Good Summit and being inspired; sharing other ClimateMamas amazing posts and empowering ideas as part of the Global Frackdown. These were all tempered by Governor Christie’s veto on September 21st of a bipartisan legislative bill that would ban fracking waste from entering New Jersey. The “fight” against this ill advised decision will continue, so stay tuned to ClimateMama for up dates, but in the meantime we wanted to bring you something exciting, fun, uplifting and informative to share with the kids in your life.

Take 3 minutes and 7 seconds, grab the kids in your life, watch and listen to Bill McKibben as he shares his “Though Bubble” about why we all need to become ‘activists’ and take action in the fight against the excessive power of fossil fuel companies, government corruption and climate change! (It has the makings of an exciting action/adventure film, don’t you think?!)

Happy day and thanks for all you do!


Climate Mama

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