EPA Team Energy Star: Help Your Kids Share Their Stories!


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For many of us, the heat of summer is beginning to fade and fall colors are popping up on the trees and shrubs in our neighborhoods. We take a moment to “catch our breath” and gear up for the frenetic action that fall and “back to school” brings. Most of our “big” and “bigger” kids are already back at college or school and we Climate Mamas and Papas continue to be hard at work both inside and outside our homes, starting, refining and perfecting our family “climate change plans.” Over the summer and continuing this fall we love receiving your e-mails, posts, comments and tweets about the multitude of ways that you and your family are “making a difference” on climate change – from keeping the air conditioning dials turned up a few degrees, to riding bikes instead of walking to the park, unplugging electronics that aren’t in use, turning the lights out when leaving a room and making sure to do the best you can to “precycle as well as recycle.”

While we know that the kids in our lives often model and emulate what we do, why not give them the opportunity to “shine” on their own and showcase what they KNOW about being “environmentally sound and climate conscious global citizens!” Show the kids in your life how they can share their stories, videos, and ideas with the EPA’s Team Energy Star. We all know that amazing ideas flow out of the “mouths of babes,” so why not give your “babes” a chance to shine? When we help our family, our community, our place of worship, business or our school, we are setting an example of ways to help the world around us.

The EPA’s Team Energy Star is running an Essay Contest NOW through September 17th. The kids in your life are invited to submit a video, essay, poem or any other creative “picture” that showcases how to use Team Energy Star resources to develop energy and climate saving ideas that work for your family.

For some examples and ideas that children have already submitted, take a visit over to The Big Green Purse where some fun entries for the Team Energy star contest are already on display.


Climate Mama

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4 Responses to EPA Team Energy Star: Help Your Kids Share Their Stories!

  1. Harriet, You’re such a leader in inspiring all of us to take steps to stop climate change! Thanks for encouraging us to get our kids involved, too. It’s never too early to act, nor to teach our kids important values that will help them shape their own future. I appreciate all you do for us AND our kids.

    • Harriet says:

      Back at you Diane!! Love the work you are doing with Team Energy Star to provide us the tools to involve our children and help them know that they too can make a difference!

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