Climate Change: Fun Friday, The Weather Girl


It’s the weekend and in his Democratic National Convention speech President Obama reaffirmed that “Climate Change is not a hoax.” While we certainly KNOW this, it is important to have our politicians say this, over and over again – politicians of all strips, parties and groups. Climate Change is NOT red, blue, purple or fuscia, and humans ARE contributing to it. 97% of all climate scientists acknowledge this and we need to work to get others to recognize the realities of climate change and act on them immediately.

We need to continue to discuss and figure out ways to create action plans and policies to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change and help our communities, our country and the world learn how to adapt. It’s a lot to take in – so it’s important to remember we also need to take time to kick back and have some fun too.

Grab the kids in your life today and watch together as this “Weather Girl” goes ROUGE and tells it “like it is” on climate change!

Happy Friday,

Climate Mama

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