Climate Action: The Ball is in Our Court, What Happens Next?

A World’s Tale

“What happens next?….This story has not ended yet, the writing pen is in your hands. The choice for this planet we call home to be handed over with no regrets.”

These are the closing words in a short film by two young Australian film makers, Eugenio Tarantola and Enrico Lerda.The film brings home the beauty, the riches, and the hope that is our planet. Yet, in the blink of an eye, our species has brought all other species on our planet to the brink of extinction. Our planet will survive, will we? That story has yet to unfold.

An earlier film,  by Eugene and Enrico – We Will Rise, A March for Climate Change – showed us the voices and actions of young people in Australia, demanding to be heard, as they call loudly for climate action. Our children around the world are standing up and shouting out for us to hear and see them. Their future and now, threatened by actions we have taken that have thrust our planet out of balance, as we all live our climate crisis.

Can we find a way to live in better harmony with our planet? Repair the wounds we have inflicted? Many, many of us us are working overtime to do just that.

With thanks to our Climate Mamas and Papas around the world for taking action as we fight to create a future and now for our children where they not only survive but thrive and where we can and will hand over our planet, “with no regrets”…


Climate Mama


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One Response to Climate Action: The Ball is in Our Court, What Happens Next?

  1. Bruce Supranowicz says:

    If people can commit to buying only electric or hybrid vehicles, that would certainly help in reducing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In addition, going solar or wind (solar provides all of the power to my house) reduces the fossil fuel footprint of utility companies.

    Older folks like myself will gradually expire, and it’s the young people of the world who are at risk to turbulent times ahead if there isn’t a timely conversion to green energy.

    I have seen enough changes in the weather over several decades (warmer in general) to believe that the climate is changing via greenhouse gases.

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