Mothers Day Arts and Craft

On the streets of London 5/12/19 @mothersriseup

Happy Mothers day to all our Climate Mamas, across the US, Canada, the UK and the world. Every day, you show your children and all of us, how much you love them by demanding climate action, by talking about our climate crisis, by showing you are unafraid of the scariest, most dangerous and most powerful thing any of us will face in our lifetime, the climate emergency we are living now.

We wanted to share with you what some amazing UK climate mamas  are up to this Mothers Day – moms and dads with @MothersRiseUp are marching through the streets of London,  for their children and ours.  Why?

From the mums at Mothers Rise Up:

“This is for the mother who knows climate change is personal. For the mother who can’t hold her children tight enough when she thinks of their future. This is for the mother who has had enough of feeling helpless. For the mother who can bear the inaction of our government no longer. This is for the mother who may have never marched before, but whose feet are already moving. This is your march!

There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s instinct to protect her child!

But this is not just for Mums! We welcome anyone who is moved by love for a child and by love for our planet to protest: grandmothers, aunties, godparents, child-minders, friends; those yet to have children, those who can’t and those who have chosen not to. Equally, we welcome the support of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and friends. We all make a difference. We are all custodians of our threatened home.”

While many of us can’t be in the streets of London, we can lend our support, our thanks and our love. One way we can do this is to talk with our kids this mothers day (and everyday) about why we give so much of our time and energy to raising attention and acting on our climate crisis.  Another way is to take action, here are 3 ideas for crafts and project to do with the kids in your life.

From Australia via Dr. Heidi Edmonds

3 Art and Craft Projects to do with your children:

  1. Create a skit, a diorama, a display with your children incorporating their favorite toys, set this up with some handmade signs, take a picture and share it with your friends, your family and with us.
  2. While we teach our children to clean up their messes, sometimes its fun to make them together too! Get out some paint, and have your child make some handprints, including one on your hand, then take a picture of their hand in yours. Share this with us too.
  3. Make a poster in solidarity with a march, a rally an event that is happening in your

    photo used with permission, @ErikMcGreggor

    area. The students in Ridgefield NJ spent Saturday, May 12th making posters for a March on May 18th in their hometown. As elders and parents, join your children who are striking, marching and rallying for their future, their now, and ours.


Our Climate Mama Motto: Tell the truth, actions speak louder than words, don’t be afraid.

Happy Mothers Day,


From YOUR Climate Mama


P.S. Check out Our Kids Climate, a place where many parent groups from around the world are coalescing and sharing our hopes, our dreams and our actions for our children and yours.

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