Love Letters for the Planet and A Green New Deal

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes, a holiday made more commercial by companies, but a day none the less to remind those we love, that we do indeed love them.

So, to all our Climate Mamas and Papas, we send you much love and thanks. Thank you for all you do everyday to help move us forward on climate action, one step at a time. We love our Climate Mama and Papa community!

As a Valentines gift, we want to share with you a short primer on the “Green New Deal” by our friends at the Years Project.  

There is a lot being said about the proposed Green New Deal, and already we are seeing and hearing a lot of “push back.” This isn’t something we should be afraid of, nor in our opinion do we feel that it is something we need to get “just right” before we jump in. For us, the main takeaway is that this proposed draft resolution by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Edward J. Markey  – which already has over 70 co-sponsors – serves as a first step “to define the problem and the scope of the solutions;” as Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez reminds us in this video.  The draft, non-binding resolution has already led to serious discussions on the climate crisis and has started more serious conversations about what we all must do to help find ways to build solutions that will include and impact us all. ClimateMama is proud to have been one of the first 600 organizations to sign on to a letter urging our elected officials to support visionary action on climate legislation leading to support for a Green New Deal.

This weekend, take some time with the kids in your life to write”love letters” to our elected officials. You can find the address of your member of Congress here.  

Send them a belated valentines card that asks them to:

  1. Sign on to the Green New Deal and be part of a hopeful future for us all.
  2. Demand that our elected officials put into law sensible gun regulations. Valentines Day 2019  is the first Anniversary of the Parkland shootings. Our hearts still break. We as a nation have already agreed that we need sensible gun laws. Why aren’t these laws in place?

With love,


YOUR Climate Mama

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