Earth Hour & March for Our Lives: March 24th, 2018

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”..
No one says it better then Ghandi…!

Earth Hour this year coincides with student led marches – the March for our Lives – all across the United States and around the world. These marches are demanding an end to gun violence and mass shootings and are a powerful way for us all to say “no more” to the status quo. Our children are our future and they are taking their rightful place – front and center – showing us that they will not allow complacency on issues and areas that impact their lives in negative and harmful ways. Our children are the change we wish to see and as their parents, it’s our responsibility to be there: beside them, behind them, or in front, wherever we can help them be heard, seen and lead.

Find a  march or rally near you and go together as a family – there are more then 830 taking place! Talk about the day and the world around us and how we all can “be the change.” Then, together as a family, turn the lights off at 8:30pm – wherever you are –  and celebrate the power of our children. Make some noise and remind each other that the future is now and it is in our hands to shape, change and create.

Use this special family time to plan a daily, weekly or regular activity where you and your kids are the change that changes our world for the better. Really talk to your kids about how you feel about our changing climate, about gun violence, about issues of grave concern and hope for your family,  and listen deeply to your children as they share with you how they feel. Acknowledge that climate change is scary – but show them that in the face of what seem like intractable issues such as gun violence – our children are leading, standing up and waking us all up to the realities we face and the clear path we must take  –  we CAN and WILL face scary monsters together, head on, and make them run away!

Here is a word matching game to share when the lights are out. Can you match the words below with the family they are associated with?


Watch this short film by the World Wildlife Federation with the kids in your life and find the matches.  We are all so closely connected, yet our planet is out of balance. All the amazing species (including us) that have evolved over millennial on our wonderful home face threats and threat multipliers, many of which we have created – knowingly and unknowingly. We can be the change; the future is NOT written.

Remember our Climatemama motto: “Tell the truth; Actions speak louder then words..and; Don’t be afraid…”


Climate Mama

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