The Climate Feedback Project: Your Support

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.43.26 AMWe get wonderful tips and ideas from our Climate Mamas and Papas everyday, and we try to share and support as many of these great ideas as we can. Join us today on “Do Something Wednesday” and support the Climate Feedback Project.

The Project is made up of a global network of 100+ scientists and counting, specializing in everything from biogeochemistry to oceanography, climate variability to paleoclimate. These scientists are using an open source technology developed by the nonprofit to annotate online articles so we can read scientists’ insights right on top of the original page. Too often we forget to “check the facts” as we read a post or article. Its critical to get beyond the headlines. We think The Climate Feedback Project is great idea and an important one, we supported it, will you?

Our mantra at Climatemama: “TELL THE TRUTH, Actions speak louder then words, and don’t be afraid.” Help us help amplify the messages from climate scientists who are showing and telling us the truth, so we can demand action on climate change now.

Please check out this Indiegogo Campaign, The Climate Feedback Project, and join us in supporting it.


Climate Mama

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