PepsiCo, Palm Oil, Doritos & Super Bowl 2016

WeilQuote_820x820What do PepsiCo, the Super Bowl, palm oil and Doritos all have in common? Sounds complicated? It’s very simple actually, they all have our kids, our kids health and our kids future in common.

Over the last several years Climate Mama has been thrilled to team up with the Rainforest Action Network and the Sum of Us to help educate and activate parents on the links between palm oil production, climate change and the foods we eat and buy. We know that together we are strong, and in the fall of 2014 we helped deliver over 100,000 signatures to PepsiCo headquarters and Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo to let her know that we are looking to PepsiCo to be world leaders on corporate palm oil policy. The production of palm oil, a key ingredient in many of the snack foods we eat (including Doritos), is a huge driver of climate change and something that is within our power to control.

As we have shared with you, Super Bowl 2016, the 50th Anniversary of the Super Bowl is an excellent opportunity to highlight the power of regular people to make positive change. With millions of eyes and ears from around the country and around the world focusing on the February 7th Super Bowl game and the super hype surrounding it, highlighting climate change, climate impacts and sustainability can also be super hyped too. So, we are excited to share with you various ways you can help generate some of this hype and subsequent action too.

PepsiCo, through it subsidiary Frito Lay is running a contest called “Crash the Super Bowl” to help fans pick an ad to air during the Super Bowl. Two Dorito’s ads are featured. Our friends at the Sum of US are sharing their Dorito’s ad and want our help to share it too. Millions of people have watched this funny ad, with your help we can make it millions more. Share it with the kids in your life, with your friends and family and join us in sending a message to PepsiCo. Let’s remind them that with great power comes great responsibility. Also do sign on to the petition calling for PepsiCo to strengthen it’s palm oil policies. PepsiCo are part of the way there, but we want them to take it “into the end zone” to borrow from our football theme!

In case you missed our letter to Indra Nooyi, take a moment to read it too and to learn more about how our purchasing decisions can influence multinational companies and why we must make our voices heard. Remember our mantra: “Tell the truth, actions speak louder then words and don’t be afraid.” We all can play a role in slowing climate change and working together to ensure a livable future for our children.

It’s do something Wednesday here at Climate Mama.. Help us take a stand against conflict palm oil and for our children’s future and now.


Climate Mama

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