5 Ways to Take Action on Climate Change Today: Our Kids Climate

okchandsAs countries get ready to meet in Paris in late November to discuss the next steps in controlling our changing change, parents are talking to each other about what they too can and are doing about climate change. ClimateMama is thrilled to be a founding member of Our Kids Climate, a growing international coalition of parent and grandparent groups from around the world who have come together to demand bold action to protect the children we love from catastrophic climate change.

In towns and cities across the world, parents are talking about climate change and demanding climate action from their political, spiritual, business and community leaders. Climate change is a moral issue, it’s a health and economic crisis, and most importantly it impacts our children directly now. Join the conversation today. Remember the ClimateMama mantra: “Tell the truth, actions speak louder then words, and don’t be afraid.”


1. Sign the Our Kids Climate petition & share it with your friends
2. Post a selfie of you and your kids on social media use the hastag #OurKidsClimate; answer the question: what world do you want to see in 2050? Sample message: I’m using my parent power to support a 100% clean future for my kids. It’s #OurKidsClimate.
3. Create a video about why Climate Action is important to you and your family, share it with your friends and family and send to us so we can share it widely too!
5. Create a family action plan to address climate change.

We – parents, grandparents and families worldwide – demand actions strong enough to protect the children we love from catastrophic climate change. We want commitments now to keep global temperature rise at safe levels, and a world powered by 100% clean energy with net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Join us, be inspired, grab the kids in your life and watch this wonderful video by our friends at the Climate Reality Project, then sign on to our campaign today!

Groups and organizations that are part of the Our Kids’ Climate coalition include: Besteföreldres Klimataksjon – Norwegian Grandparents Climate Campaign (Norway); Climate Mama (U.S/Global); Climate Parents (U.S.); Climate Parents (Finland); Parents Roar/Föräldravrålet, (Sweden); Grandparents Pour Le Climate (Switzerland); Moms Clean Air Force (U.S.); Mothers Out Front (U.S.); No Planeta B (global); Canadian Parents for Climate Action (Canada); The 2050 Project (Australia); The Mothers Project (global). We also have groups starting up in Belgium and the UK. While the majority of the groups listed are in the global north, we are keenly interested in identifying, partnering with and helping support of the launch of family focused climate groups in the global south. Please join us!

Our missions is to mobilize parents, grandparents, and families worldwide to demand action strong enough to protect all children from the threats posed by climate change.

Our objectives are to:

1. Build a vibrant movement of parents, grandparents, and families that are ready to act in support of the children we love.
2. Push for the strongest possible climate action at the national and international level to protect the world’s children from the threats posed by climate change.
3. Provide an educational platform for parents who are not yet engaged in climate advocacy to learn more about the movement and connect with other parents.
4. Gather signatures worldwide in time for the Paris climate conference (COP21), to help heighten pressure for meaningful commitments/a strong global agreement.

We know that the United Nations meeting in Paris on Climate Change, COP21 (Conference of the Parties) is only one step in the long road ahead. But, it is an important step, one where real commitments must be made. In order for this to happen, we must put the pressure on government leaders around the world and let them know that we are putting them on notice. We are demanding real action on climate change; not just more talk. If they can’t or won’t commit to climate action, we can’t and won’t commit to them. Each of us needs to follow up in our own countries, with our own national, regional and local government representatives to ensure that they have real plans to lower greenhouse gases and help us all adapt to climate change.

ourkidsclimatelogoWe are all living in uncharted territory, as we live this new era of climate change. We must ensure that the future and now stay livable for our children – no excuses. We must demand concrete plans and we must each take action too. Join us today, grab the kids in your life, raise your voice, sign our petition and lets continue to demand action from all. No country, no person, nor any one corporation can solve the crisis we face. Together we are strong, and we are creating climate hope. Our children are watching and failure isn’t an option!

With thanks,

Climate Mama

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