No to Fossil Fuels: “The Future Can Be Great”

Joylette Portlock, creative genius and ClimateMama extraordinaire knocks it out of the park with this wonderful music video and parody.

Grab the kids in your life and sing along to this Taylor Swift riff: “The Future can be great, great, great, great, great. If we break it of, break it of, break it off (our addiction to fossil fuels).” There is another way!

Pictures and music speak volumes, so we will say no more, except to share this video widely with your friends and family.

It’s “Do something Wednesdays” here at ClimateMama, a day to role up our sleeves and act on climate. A day inspired by Joylette and her “Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something” video series. We all CAN make a difference and change the crash course we are on..Together we are powerful.

Joylette Portlock wears many hats. She is the Board President of Communitopia in Pittsburg, PA. Joylette studied biology at M.I.T, has a PHD in genetics from Stanford University and is a Climate Reality leader. She is also an amazing mom, a dear friend and an inspiration to all of us at ClimateMama.

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