Quaker Oats and Climate Change: Connecting the Dots

Our mantra at ClimateMama: “Tell the Truth, Actions speak Louder then Words and Don’t be Afraid;” something we teach our children, and words we work hard to live by.

pepsico1Our ClimateMama community regularly reaches out to leaders – those with outsized influence in the political, business and spiritual worlds – to speak and act out; using their influence and power to address climate change. Pepsico and it’s CEO, Indra Nooyi have the potential to dramatically shape how palm oil is harvested, yet they continue to disappoint us by not using their leadership role to make significant and timely commitments. Yet, as the internal optimists that we are at ClimateMama, we do believe the “glass is half full” at Pepsico and that they will take their rightful leadership roles at the top and take an active stand on conflict palm oil, with time bound commitments; leading their industry by example as they set new sustainable standards for the way that this product is produced. But we do need to keep calling them out on this as they aren’t moving as quickly as we would like. So, in the meantime, a “time out” could and should be in order..

In September 2014, right around the time of the Peoples Climate March in New York City, we reached out to Indra Nooyi, “mother to mother” and delivered over 100,000 signatures calling on her to lead. We are a proud supporter and partner of the Rainforest Action Network in its campaign to highlight those companies which are not taking their rightful role as leaders in addressing Palm Oil production, a serious supply side problem which is a leading driver of climate change.

Join us, read this straight to the point post and watch this cute and powerful video created one of our favorite and most passionate and vocal Climate Mamas on conflict palm oil – Ashley Schaefer Yildez. “Pepsico, you are in a big Time Out” as far as we moms are concerned.

Quaker Oats, Climate Change, Your Child’s Lunch and Connecting the Dots
by Ashley Schaeffer Yildez

That Quaker Oats Chewy Bar in your child’s lunch? Well, we’re not sure if its full of wholesome goodness, but it certainly may be full of Conflict Palm Oil.

With your help, we’ll set the record straight. Share this video now on Facebook and Twitter to let other families know that there’s more in Quaker Oats than meets the eye.

PepsiCo, and its product line Quaker Oats, is a major user of Conflict Palm Oil. Conflict Palm Oil drives species extinction, human rights abuses, deforestation, and climate change, and is the cause of one of the world’s greatest environmental catastrophes.

PepsiCo, the largest globally distributed snack food company in the world, spends huge amounts of money on advertising every year, trying to convince moms and dads that Quaker Oats is a brand that we can trust, yet they are unwilling to spend a few extra pennies to help save orangutans from extinction and keep children out of slave labor conditions.

As a globally recognized brand with an immense international reach, PepsiCo’s weak commitments and half measures are unacceptable. As mothers and fathers, we watch the future develop before our eyes every day. We know that our kids deserve better.

PepsiCo needs to start taking this issue seriously and cut Conflict Palm Oil from its products now!

Help us hold PepsiCo accountable for their actions. We need you to tell PepsiCo that you won’t be fooled by its advertising, and will keep Conflict Palm Oil out of your cupboards.

Share this video now on Facebook and Twitter and tell PepsiCo, “You’re in a Time Out!”

It’s “do something Wednesday” here at ClimateMama, so reach out to Pepsico today, or any day and let them know how you feel. Our children’s future and now depends on the responsible and powerful steps we take today. We all must be leaders.


Climate Mama

Ashley Schaeffer Yildez Is Rainforest Action Network’s Responsible Food Campaigner

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