Sandra Steingraber: A Better Mother In Jail, Mothers Fighting Back

November 19, 2014 Day 3 of protests at Massachusetts State House

November 19, 2014 Day 3 of protests at Massachusetts State House

With dignity and humility mothers across the United States are standing up, speaking out and even risking arrest; showing their children, neighbors and communities, that actions speak louder then words. Over the past few months, mothers in places like Oakland and Mahwah, New Jersey; Seneca Lake and Minisink, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Montpelier, Vermont; San Benito, California; Mars, Pennsylvania; Denton, Texas; Longmont and Broomfield, Colorado, and Cove Point, Maryland, to name only a few, are taking strong stands and even risking arrest to bring attention to immediate dangers from the widespread explosion of extreme energy exploration and infrastructure build out, which is threatening our air, water, food, health, economy, security, future and now.

In the northeast where I live, across New Jersey and New York, mothers and concerned citizens are working with their towns and counties governments to pass resolutions to stop the Pilgrim Pipeline, a fossil fuel infrastructure project which would traverse New Jeresy and New York from Albany to Linden, bringing two dangerous oil pipelines near our homes, schools and through our watersheds, creating immediate health and security risks, and perpetuating long term health and climate dangers.

On November 19th, Dr. Sandra Steingraber, mother, scientist, author and cancer survivor was sentenced to serve 15 days in a New York jail for a peaceful act of civil disobedience; this the second time that this mother has served time in jail in the past 1 1/2 years for peaceful civil disobedience.

sandrasenecaBeginning on October 23rd, Dr. Steingraber and many other concerned citizens have held daily protests to bring attention to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reckless decision to expand the storage of methane in crumbling salt caverns that underlie the west bank of Seneca Lake; threatening the drinking supply of over 100,000. Dr. Steingraber stands in unity with her neighbors, united to stop a dangerous plan to turn her community into a “giant gas station for fracking.” These actions can be followed at We Are Senaca Lake.

Sandra Steingraber is my hero, a fighter for truth and justice and fierce protector of children who, as part of The Mothers Project, penned our letter to Mrs. Obama to bring her attention to the crisis we are facing as a result of the production and use of extreme forms of energy. The letter was first published in the New York Times, on Mothers Day weekend 2012.


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Photo Credit: Mothers Out Front, Massachusetts State House

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  1. annette kattau says:

    fracking must be banned and we have a right to protect our environment from the Dick Cheney evil…….

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