Mothers Unite on Climate & Clean Air: The Mama Summits

GlobalfrackdownNYCHSMothers should be celebrated every day…and in many ways, they regularly are. Mothers also have their own “special” day, the second Sunday in May. Cards, flowers, breakfast in bed – gifts of all kinds – are made and bought as mothers are toasted and celebrated. This Mothers Day 2014, we would like to offer up another type of gift you can give your mother, or as a mother, you can ask your children – young and old – to give to you.

We invite all our American Climate Mamas and Papas to join us during the week of May 5th, at a local MAMA Summit, where we will have an opportunity to make our collective voices heard and demand action on clean air and a healthy climate.

Across the United States, virtually and in person, mothers, fathers and children will be visiting our state capitals during the week of May 5th, to let our state legislators know that we are watching closely what is happening (or not) at the state level to promote clean air and a healthy climate. Mothers and their families are uniting for the MAMA Summits!

frackingphotorallyWe are thrilled to partner with Moms Clean Air Force and a wide range of local, state and national organizations to support the MAMA Summits taking place across the country. In eight states: California, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania, families will be gathering at their state houses, OUR Houses, to share and demand local “asks” from local legislators, on climate and clean air.

As well, there will be a national “virtual” Mama Summit so that all our voices can be heard. There is plenty of time to sign up and be part of these exciting events. Register here or check in with your local state contact to find out more about what’s happening and how you can be involved.

With the recent release of the IPCC report, and the May 6th release of the National Climate Assessment – also in time for Mothers Day – we know we have much to do and NO time to waste. Our children’s health, future, and their NOW depend on actions we take today.

MCAF-official-logoSpecial thanks to Moms Clean Air Force for taking this initiative and for pulling together so many wonderful partners to ensure that our collective voices are heard. If they are not already, our legislators at all levels should be “on notice.” We are watching.

As parents, our lives our frenetic, hectic and full. But we will no longer allow our “houses” in our state capitals and our nation’s capital to be taken over by paid lobbyists who regularly don’t have our best interests or the interests of our families at heart. We are “taking back our houses” and will be visiting our “second homes” on a much more regular basis.

IMG_1912We look forward to meeting our legislators and other regular folks in the corridors of our capitals. Beginning at our Mama Summits during the week of May 5th, and in honor and support of Mothers Day, we are “taking back the house” and “on the job” working full time to create a clean, renewable and sustainable future and now for our families.


Climate Mama

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