Climate Change: What I Love & What’s at Stake

Photo Credit: Sue Barr

I love my kids, my family and humanity. I love skiing, equality, travel, hiking and coffee. Some of these things, like my children, I literally could not live with out. Losing some of these others things would make me very sad, and going without my morning coffee, well..I’ve tried that before, not good for anyone!

Climate Reality has launched a beautiful, interesting and unique new digital interface, that helps us put into pictures, and then words, how climate change threatens what we love., developed in collaboration with integrated and digitally-minded production company B-Reel seeks to transform climate change from a global abstraction into a deeply personal reality. Users are asked to identify the canvas of people, places and things that make them who they are. Once this canvas is complete, What I Love immerses the user in a cinematic vision of what makes life meaningful before showing how climate change could take those things we love away from us.

Climate change has already cost us – in more costly extreme weather disasters, in failed crops, in heat and pollution-related health costs,” said Al Gore. “What I Love goes beyond the dollar figure to capture the true, human cost of climate change by inviting us to imagine who we would be and how we would live our lives without what matters most.”

Here is my Canvas…What does yours look like?

Grab the kids in your life, and sit down with them, have them create a canvas too. Once you have chosen those things you love, explore them through the many “windows” of the canvas, understand how the things you love are directly threatened by climate change and what is at stake, for you, for your family and for our world.

Here are three things that your family can do, to take action to begin to protect what you love.

1. Climate change is real, happening and now. NO climate denier should be representing us in Congress. Find out if your representative is one of these climate deniers and then let them know you are standing up for the truth, and expect them to as well. Otherwise, you won’t vote for them. Share what you know with your neighbors, family and friends too.
2. Design a family “climate action plan’” What can you do to reduce your family’s Carbon Footprint?
3. Tune in to 24 Hours of Reality, October 22nd and 23rd to learn more!


Climate Mama


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