Climate SuperHero Series: Do Something Wednesdays (and Every Day!)


Hello Climate Mamas and Papas!

It’s “Do Something Wednesdays” and time for you and your families to don your superhero capes and fly your green flag high in the sky.

Stay tune over the next week for: Tips for Your Office, Tips for Your Backyard/Garden and Tips for Your Bedroom

The goal of the Environmental Hero Series is to give you 3 easy and helpful tips and tools so you can be your own superhero at home, at work, or in your garden. We can all help the earth simply, by taking small steps that can make a big difference.

Tips for Your Kitchen

Beth Terry: Used with permission

1. Use less packaging: buy products like cereal, flour, popcorn, and beans in bulk. Some supermarkets allow you to scoop your own nuts and oats and therefore, you can pick the right amount for you. Don’t forget to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) instead of using plastic or paper bags. In New York, Whole Foods and other supermarkets deduct 10 cents per bag for bringing your own. For more tips, check out some great ideas from our partners at Plastic Pollution Coalition.

2. Don’t waste your food: embrace your food. Think ahead about what your buying and when your serving, pick a reasonable portion. If you’re ready to take sustainability to another level. Start composting in your backyard or basement. 43% of waste in bins can be composted! For more information on outdoor and indoor composting, check out the EPA’s clear instructions.

3. Make sure you’re recycling right. We accumulate a lot of unnecessary junk that can easily be recycled. Make sure you know what can be recycled. Check out how your town recycles. As an example, find out what and how towns in New Jersey recycle!

Tips for Your Office
Tips for Your Backyard/Garden
Tips for Your
Tips for Your Bedroom

Our Climate SuperHero Series was developed and written by Michelle Aboodi.

Superhero kid credit: Divine in the Daily via photopin cc

Plastic Photo Credit: Beth Terry, My Plastic Free Life

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