Our friends and Climate Rally partners Moms Clean Air Force shared with us this great Polar Bear cartoon and their post on The Climate Forward Rally: 3 Ways to Mover Forward on Climate Without Leaving Home. Visit Moms Clean Air Force to read this and other posts about the rally, climate change and how parents are fighting for clean air for their children!

Photo Courtesy of Moms Clean Air Force

The 3 main ideas for supporting the Climate Forward Rally, without leaving home are taken directly from our partners at and are as follows:

1) Join the Thunderclap

We’re using a new online tool to amplify our voices on Twitter and Facebook. It’s called Thunderclap — because together, that’s how loud we can be. We’re hoping to get 10,000 people on board — click here to join:

When you sign up, Thunderclap will schedule a message to go out from you with a link to the Livestream during the rally — but only if we can get 10,000 people to join as well. Together we can (literally) reach millions of people with a message during the rally.

2) Submit Your Photos

There will be a giant screen at the rally, showing photos and messages of support from across the country — to get your message on the screen, take a photo showing your support for the action, or of a part of your community that you want protected from climate change, then email it to, with your location in the subject line. (Or, you can post your photo to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ForwardOnClimate).

We’ll pick out the best ones to put on the screen for tens of thousands of people to see, just outside the White House.

Share Your Sign

Finally, the web team put together this nifty sharable sign-maker that you can use to make a custom sign declaring your support for the action. They’re beautiful, and easy to share on your social networks. Check it out:

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