BEYOND Climate Change Denial – Do NOTHING Wednesdays


Grab the kids in your life (maybe those middle school and above..) and sit down for some Colbert “fun.” As extreme weather events around the country and the world bring the reality of climate change home to a large majority of Americans, the climate denial machinery (aka a few loud and influential politicians, pundits, “think tanks” and bloggers, with funding and support from oil and gas companies) is going into denier over drive.

Enjoy this with the kids in your life as we bear witness to the last “gasps” of the “denial machinery” which has so effectively kept doubt and therefore inaction on climate change alive. Watch, as this well “oiled” machine yet again go on the offensive. Their current tactic, as denying climate change no longer sells, “lets just throw in the towel” nothing we can do anyways…Enjoy this satirical look at the push back we continue to face as we fight against climate change and FOR a renewable energy reality – for our children’s future and their NOW!

Talk to your kids. Get their take and make sure you let them know that you are not “giving up” on their future or yours. We can make a difference, and we need to start now…


Climate Mama

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