Climate Change Solutions: Our Job, Not Our Kids, FUN Video


Our friends at Climate Nexus have shared this fun video with us. Grab the kids in your life and share it with them. Let them know YOU are in charge, and on the job…that climate change solutions are up to us to figure out, NOW, and that we will not leave these huge problems for our children to solve on their own…

It’s our job to reach out to our elected officials and demand action on climate change. It’s our job, in the little things we do every day, to show our family and friends that we are working to conserve energy, to fight pollution and be leaders in our homes and our communities. It’s our job to learn as much as we can about the urgency of the climate crisis, and not be afraid to tackle it head on. In 50 years (even next year) no one will be talking or worrying about our “fiscal” cliff, but the “climate” cliff, as Superstorm Sandy has demonstrated so clearly to us, is just a “step” away, daring us to jump over the edge. Let’s show our kids we care about their future and we are “working on it!”


Climate Mama

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