Social Good Summit 2012: My Personal Top 5 moments and messages


The “cherry on top” of an amazing week of activism and work on climate change solutions was attending the Social Good Summit in New York City. The event is an incredible mixing of people from around the globe who are “doing good” and defining ways to use technology creatively and innovatively to promote social good. The United Nations Foundation, United Nations Development Program, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the 92nd Street Y, Mashable and Ericsson have united for what now is the 3rd year in this growing and incredible surge of voices and ideas from around the world.


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1. Getting to spend some quality time with the inspiring and hopeful Maggie Fox, CEO of Climate Reality as well as with fellow Climate Reality Leaders, Georgie, Emily, and Meredith and Maggie’s amazing team Deb and Bill. I am excited and energized about the November 14th, 24 Hours of Reality – Dirty Weather Report launched by Al Gore at the Social Good Summit !

Tweet: @climatemama”: Maggie Fox – Separating #climate noise from #climate Reality: We need to OWN the noise. Take it over @climatereality #sgsglobal
Tweet: @algore: 24 Hours of Reality. Nov 14th Dirty Weather Report. Crisis fueled by Dirty Energy. Be Involved. Participate @climatereality #sgsglobal
Tweet: @ClimateMama: Tim Wirth @UNfoundation – Why no outrage on #climate change? #sgsglobal

Power Women & Baby! Shale Gas Outrage 9-12

2. Hillary Clinton delivers one of the opening addresses at the Summit. She reminded us of the power of women and girls, and that each of us, with web tools that are out there now and being created every day, has a powerful voice in the global community, even if it is being broadcast from our living room! Note to self: we need to use the tools we have and BECOME a VOICE for Change! Many other speakers, including America Ferrera echoed this call.

Tweet: Does investing in girls leave boys behind? “Investing in women IS investing in boys.” Their provider, teacher. @AmericaFerrera #SGSGlobal
Tweet: @fewonline: “We’re living at a time where anyone can be a diplomat. All you have to do is hit send.” ~Sec. Hillary Clinton at #SGSglobal

3. Todd Parks US White House “tech entrepreneur in residence.” Energetic and fascinating take on how the US Government, with the help of innovators can help all of us “help change the world.” Check out Todd. He was AWESOME!

Tweet: @NinaJTweets @eschiavo: Data by itself is useless. Engage innovators and turn it into awesomeness — wisdom from @todd_park #sgsglobal

4. Hearing again and again, from speaker after speaker how: if we give people the tools, human ingenuity and our inherent drive for “good” will help us all “reboot;” moving us all to a path of “tikun olam” repairing the world. Molly Kinder, Pete Cashmore, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Mohamed Yunis, Askoka, etc, etc.. Put this to action today by “playing a game.” Help grow the conversation for good and help change the world; looking forward to helping promote the UN Foundation “Global Good Challenge,” share it now with your kids….

Tweet: @unfoundation – Everything you need to know about the #GlobalGood Challenge @UNFGGC #SGSglobal
Tweet: @Ashoka – Everything is interconnected; poverty, heath, envt It’s about tackling 3 ‘impossible’ problems holistically – @JaneGoodallInst #sgsglobal
Tweet: @Ashoka – Social media is about doing what you can from where you are. – @Claire of @Twitter & “Twitter for Good” #sgsglobal #socialgood

And last but definitely not least:

Climate Mama with Leigh Social Good Summit

5. Meeting up with my Eco-Warrior Gal Pals, Ronnie, Leigh and Penelope, with Chrysula from Million Moms Challenge, Anastasia (however briefly!) from the UN Foundation, and many, many other amazing incredible people, who see and embody the power, force and potential of women on climate change and other important and challenging issues. Not to ‘dis my guy pals, and amazing Climate Papa friends and colleagues, but “in my bones” I feel that it is time and the moment for women to take a much more active and vocal lead on many of the pressing issues of our day, particularly on CLIMATE CHANGE!


Climate Mama

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