BlogHer Special: Mr. Romney, Mr. Obama Time to Talk About Climate Change


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You want my vote in November? Here it is then – straight up – what matters to me and many, many other parents: climate change and how our country will adapt and mitigate the current and future dangers we face; equally important, how and if we can turn these negatives into opportunities for the United States and for our future.

Make this a question in the debates this fall and depending on your answer, you may get my vote yet!

We don’t have 4 more years to wait.

Check out our post on BlogHer for a full look (from our perspective) on what the candidates are thinking!

Sign on to one or all of the following – Moms Clean Air Force Petition: time for the candidates to talk about climate change; questions for Mr. Romney on Climate Change; League of Conservation Voters: call on Jim Lehrer to ask the candidates about climate change. Let’s get the candidates talking about climate change and get their views and positions out in the open. Sign the petitions, spread the news, tell your friends, lets get some answers.

Why do you want the Presidential Candidates to debate Climate Change? Your kids, your health, your future, jobs, crops, drought…let us know…



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4 Responses to BlogHer Special: Mr. Romney, Mr. Obama Time to Talk About Climate Change

  1. UncaDoug says:

    VOTE …

  2.’d also love to see a debate that discusses the most important issue facing our nation. I’d be happy to see ANY environmental issue make the top 10! I just posted my thoughts on the latest “energy plans” from both candidates:

    • Harriet says:

      Thanks..Love your post on our candidates energy plans…we can do anything..we are just lacking the political will.. Where is our Kennedy and our moon launch??

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