Fathers Day, Fracking, Climate Change and Hope


Happy Father’s Day to all our Climate Papas!

As many of us in North America celebrate Father’s Day at inter-generational gatherings, we at ClimateMama were touched by the following Fathers Day Plunderbund video and we wanted to share it with you. In solidarity with Don’t Frack Ohio, and Ohio Dad Andrew Sidesinger, please take a few minutes out of your day, and watch this with the kids in your life, share it with others, and stay tuned to the brave and courageous actions of those Climate Mamas and Papas in Ohio who are trying to protect their children’s future and ours.

Thanks Andrew for sharing your thoughts, actions and hopes with us…..We too are trying to do what we can to stand up to all the money and power that is trying to push us away from renewable energy development and towards climate changing, extreme and unsafe energy extraction methods. We are with you and pushing back!!


Climate Mama

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3 Responses to Fathers Day, Fracking, Climate Change and Hope

  1. Anne says:

    How inspiring to hear from dads like Andrew who are so thoughtful and who care about their children’s futures.

    • Harriet says:

      We need to raise the voices of other Moms and Dads..who feel the same way, and make sure our elected officials hear them too!!

  2. Sal Ritmiller says:

    We should focus more on climate change since we would be exposed to more typhoons, hurricanes and even famine.;

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