Climate Change: The acidification and DEATH of our Oceans


“It wasn’t on our radar 5 years ago.”….. “The Ocean’s POWER to create life is now rivaled by our power to destroy it!”…… “We know how to solve the ocean’s problems, will we?”

Excerpts from the NRDC Movie: Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Acidification

Our friend, Desiree, environmentalist, professor and GreenMomster extraordinaire, recently brought to our attention a new video release from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Acidification. This video is about 20 minutes long, so make some time, grab the kids in your life, and listen as Sigourney Weaver and friends tell us why we need to WAKE UP and take action now, before it is too late….

Until a few years ago, scientists counted the oceans as a big positive in our fight against climate change and rising CO2 levels. The oceans, like our rainforests, are know as “carbon sinks;” they absorb carbon, taking it out of the air, and help to keep our planet in balance. But what this movie shows us, is that our oceans are becoming saturated and that the excess carbon is causing a “chemical change to occur.” Our oceans are becoming more acidic, with the potential ramifications from this, devastating.

Scientists are telling us and nature is showing them, that within 100 years (or less) we could turn our oceans into a “world of weeds.” The rising acidity in the oceans in depleting the “building blocks” that many animals need to form shells. The most vulnerable animals are some of the smallest, plankton and corals, which many fish and animals in our ocean rely on to survive, threatening the food chain and the existence of many, many of the species alive today in the oceans.

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The good news, we know what we need to do to stop this from happening and allow the oceans to recover – we need to STOP BURNING FOSSIL FUELS and creating CO2…The bad news, do we have the will to make this happen? Watch this video with the kids in your life, and ask them what they think and what they think we should do…! “Out of the mouths of babes”..the answers and solutions are often not really complicated…


Climate Mama

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