Fighting Climate Change with Facts: New Year Resolutions


When Amber of proposed: Resolutions to Fight Climate Change as the topic for our January Green Moms Carnival, my brain seemed to go on temporary “freeze mode.” How was I going to put into one post, something that I try to live out each day, that is part of (almost) every action I take and that I put into everything I try to teach and model for my children? Then I hit the “unfreeze” button, sent note to self, “get over it!” If you can’t put THIS into words, then you are not a very effective communicator, nor will you be able to convince all our loyal Climate Mamas and Papas (as well as our new ones!) that they too should act forcefully on climate change. So, thanks Amber, for the “kick in the.…..!”


1. Speak loudly, truthfully and don’t be afraid. As a young “twitter friend” Abigail Borah, recently wrote:Across the world, governments are asking, how do we mitigate and adapt to climate change? Here in the U.S., political parties are still debating “IS CLIMATE CHANGE REAL?” As Abigal reminds us, and as we in the USA seem to be forgetting, THIS IS NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE. We know that most Americans believe climate change is happening now and that they want leadership from “on high” on this important issue.

The facts on climate change are coming to us from climate scientists the world over. In fact 97% of them are telling us that climate change is happening faster than anyone ever imagined, it’s happening now and WE are the cause of this. There is no DEBATE in the scientific world, period. What if 97 out of 100 doctors told you your daughter was so sick she was going to die, but you had a chance to MAYBE change her prognosis, but you needed to act now. Three doctors tell you – no worries – lets just wait and see. What are YOU going to do? It’s time that we speak up and tell politicians to stop pandering to fringe groups (even the very loud ones) and start putting policies in place to help us adapt to our changing climate and mitigate the potential impacts of what is already in the pipeline. SPEAK UP!

2. Lead by Example. I am a climate activist, “Who’d a thunk it.” In fact according to some of the 2012 presidential candidates, I am one of those “extreme environmentalists and an enemy of business; ” or at least I must be, given that I was one of the 1253 people who got arrested protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline. I think that it is doubtful that most of my family, friends or neighbors would describe me this way, but hey, you never know!? As an outspoken mom of a 12 and 14 year old, I will continue my ‘activist” ways, speaking out at rallies and protests in my home state and around the country (possibly at the same time making my kids “cringe” although I know they are secretly and often vocally proud of my actions and my chosen path.) If I can help even in a small way to bring some sanity and truth to the campaign trail this year, I am on it!

3. Testify before Congress on climate change and more specifically the need to put a price on carbon. This one is a little scary to say “out loud.” But do hold me to it (and if you are involved in getting “speakers on the house or senate speakers list,” give me a call!) Our politicians, at all levels need to hear from us, to know that every day Americans, moms and dads from all walks of life are concerned about our children’s future. In this time of unprecedented climate change, policies to avert the worst of this unfolding crisis are of paramount importance to us. I see putting a price on carbon as a crucial step in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and moving towards a cleaner energy future that uses renewable energy like wind and solar. More on this in future blog posts, but for some good advice, check out Citizens Climate Lobby.

4. Offer sound practical advice and resources that busy parents can follow and rely on. Do let us know if there is any thing you would like to see on our site that isn’t currently here or any questions you want answered that we aren’t answering.

Together we can make a difference. Let us help you by being your “go to source” for answers you can give to your kids, colleagues, neighbors and friends on how each of us can play a part in the fight against climate change.

For more insight from some of our favorite “Green Mom” friends, check out


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4 Responses to Fighting Climate Change with Facts: New Year Resolutions

  1. I love that your goals are all about advocacy and political action! It’s not something I can do right now, but I so appreciate those who can and do! I will be watching your blog for opportunities to sign petitions and email representatives — so keep me informed, that’s all I ask! I also would love to see a price on carbon.

    • Harriet says:

      eco-novice.comThanks Betsy. Will keep you posted! Love what you are doing at to help all of us learn more about the things each of us and our families can do to be wiser and more sustainable in how we live our lives! Great ideas, advice and info!

  2. Your goals are so admirable. All of the political actions you take must surely make a difference this year. We cannot waste another year with politicians listening to the “3 doctors!”

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