Holiday Cheer: Climate Reality, Emerald Planet TV and Climate Mama

Of the many hats our Climate Mama, Harriet Shugarman wears, one she is most proud of is that of Climate Reality Presenter for the Climate Reality Project (TCRP). Harriet had the opportunity recently to talk about her work with TCRP with host Dr. Sam Hancock of the Emerald Planet TV show. Harriet is one of 4 individuals featured on the hour long show. Other TCRP guests include: Juanita Constible, TCRP Science and Solutions Director, Sarbina Cowden, Climate Presenters Program Director, and Gerardo Padalo, Climate Reality Presenter, Mexico.

“What a special gift and opportunity for me to welcome in the holidays and wind up 2011 – talking about my experiences with an incredible organization that helps people the world over learn the facts and the reality of the climate crisis!” said Harriet Shugarman. According to Harriet, TCRP, which provides climate reality presentations to grass roots audiences around the world, has helped inspire her and empower her to take on new and greater challenges in climate change education and advocacy.

Through the TCRP network of more than 3000 presenters worldwide, Harriet has made incredible friends and has on “speed dial” top resources and a network of experts that stretches across a wide range of professions and backgrounds including: academia, media, science, faith-based organizations, medicine, business, civil society and government, to name a few. Check out Harriet’s interview with Dr. Sam. Harriet is “ON” at around the 46 minute mark!

For more information on TCRP, or to book a presentation and have a climate reality project presenter visit you, go to the TCRP website. Consider giving a TCRP presentation as an amazing and unique gift for your community!

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