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Join Climate Mama, and watch as the “denial hits the fan” and the link between extreme weather and climate change is explained. 24 HOURS OF REALITY, beginning at 8pm ET September 14th: 24 Presenters, 13 Languages, 1 Message. Climate Change is Real, it’s Happening NOW!

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Take a minute to read Thomas Friedman’s thoughtful column, Is it Weird Enough Yet? in New York Times. He asks: “Would you rather cut Social Security and Medicare or pay a little more per gallon of gas and make the country stronger, safer and healthier? It still amazes me that our politicians have the courage to send our citizens to war but not ask the public that question?”

Let’s be bold, and stop listening to the crazies..this is real, we need to do something, NOW.

If you want to catch Climate Mama on the 24 Hour Climate Reality broadcast, make sure to tune in for the 8-9am ET hour on September 15th! (We may even “pop in” in at other times, so stay tuned…..)


Climate Mama

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    • Harriet says:

      climaterealityproject.orgThanks EK, for highlighting one of the major networks that continues to serve as the favorite home for “deniers” and perpetuating the myth that human caused climate change is debatable. Focusing on a non-due paying physicist and his problems with a professional organization and highlighting a letter by “experts” claiming global warming isn’t happening needs to be called out for what it is, propoganda and a red herring. Almost all of the “experts” identified by Fox news and the “important letter they highlight, are not the scientists that are working on climate change. This misleading representation of information helps perpetuate the myth that humans aren’t causing our climate to change. Visit http://www.climaterealityproject.org to listen to many of the 100’s of scientists on the panel throughout the 24 hours that are working every day on this critical issue and whose peer reviewed research confirms, without a doubt, anthropogenic climate change.

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