For My Children’s Health – Drawing The Line In the Sand

While I am a child of the ‘60’s I was too young to be part of the Vietnam protests or the rallies for the Environment leading up to the first Earth Day in 1970. As I learn more and more about the impacts and effects of climate change, and I see first hand how the increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is directly affecting my children’s health, I have decided to take a stand and risk arrest for cleaner air for my children, for their health, for their future and for mine.

I will be at the White House with the Tar Sands Action; standing together with concerned and caring people from all over the country that are converging on the White House August 20-September 3rd to take a stand against the proposed XL pipeline that would bring Tar Sands oil from Alberta, Canada to Texas. As Dr. James Hansen, Head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies has stated: ”This pipeline would effectively lay the fuse to the biggest carbon bomb in the world….and tar sands exploitation [enabled by the XL Pipeline] makes it implausible to avoid disastrous global climate impacts.”

As a mom, I am appealing to a dad, President Obama, whose has the power and authority to allow or not allow this pipeline to go through. This one rests on the President’s shoulders, not Congress. As one parent to another, I hope I can remind the President of stories I am sure we both read to our kids when they were little about “sprinkling the fairy dust,” shutting our eyes and shouting loudly that we believe; reminding him, as we told our children that if we believe strongly enough we can create a better future and a better world. I want to believe that our President wants a better world for his children too, and that he will stand up to industry, money and power and take a stand for a healthier world for my children and his.

Follow the protests at TarSandsAction and check back for ClimateMama blog updates or on twitter @climatemama.

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